Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growing Old Without A Fight.

So anyway. I've come to the realization that I've been acting like an old lady over the past 2 months. I've been spending every Friday night playing Words with Friends on my Ipod Touch, and I've been content with that. Well, that's gotta change.

I've made a list of things I'm going to have to do to remind myself that I'm only 30, and it's too early to throw in the towel.

1) Wear a shoe that I know will make my feet hurt at least once a week.  I used to wear 4 and 5 inch heels everyday. I mean every single day.  I used to actually believe flats made my feet hurt worse than heels.  Now, I only wear heels like once a month. That's quite sad because I love heels.  I literally used to become aroused by a great looking 5 inch heel. I knew my feet would be burning by the end of the night, but I didn't care.  I was willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of looking fly.  These days I've got to be going to an event to put on a pair of heels.  Sigh.

2) Wear a thong at least once a week.  Look, I'm not out here with panty lines all over the place, but I used to wear thongs everyday just because.  Now, it's got to be a reason for the thong. I'm all about comfort these days. I'm not in granny panties yet, but I'm just a stone's throw away. I have an abundance of Hanes boy shorts.  30 is too young to be dressing for comfort. It just is.

3) Wear a short skirt or dress when it's cold.   When I was younger, I didn't care if it was 30 degrees outside, I was wearing the cute dress.  I really ain't with that shit these days.  If it's cold outside my wardrobe reflects as much.  I know to most people that just seems like the smart thing to do, but when you're young, you don't always care about doing the smart thing. We've all stood outside in freezing temperatures, waiting to get into a party dressed like a skank. I'm going to do that again just for fun.

Okay, so it was a short list comprised of silly things, but I really am going to do things to maintain my youth. I've been seeing a lot of pics of women who are around my age who look like they're twice my age. I do not want that to be me.  I also don't want to adopt the habits of old people.  There's no justifiable reason for me to stay home every Friday night simply because I don't feel like getting dressed.  I know growing old is inevitable, but I'm not going to do it without a fight.

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