Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Hour Adventure

So anyway.  Yeah, it's been a while. You know the drill. Shit happens.
The other day I was kinda, maybe supposed to meet this guy for lunch.  We had talked about it, but nothing was set in stone because he wasn't sure he was going to be able to leave the office. But according to him, he really really wanted to get together since I was going to be in his area.  So, I was visiting with my friend at her job, waiting for him to tell me if/when he was going to be able to leave the office. Time was flying by, and before I knew it, it was like 2:15 and I still hadn't heard from him. So, I text him and asked him if he was going to take a lunch. His response was, "he just couldn't get away." Now, we didn't have anything set in stone, so that response would have been fine had I not had to contact him to get it.  That annoyed me, but whatever. All wasn't lost because this other guy who I've been regularly talking to, happened to text me and ask me if I wanted to get lunch. We had a great time, so I'm actually glad the other dude couldn't make it. We hung out, had sushi, went to another spot for dessert; then went to another place for drinks.  It was the perfect little 5 hour adventure.
In regards to the other dude, he continually disappoints me. It's never his fault though. There are always circumstances that make him unable to complete tasks. You know, there's just never enough time.  Well, the only way he can keep disappointing me is if I allow him to. I think we all know what needs to happen here.

Until next time......

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