Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crazies are Winning!

So anyway. Single gals, it's become apparent to me what we need to do if we want to snag a man. We've got to turn up the crazy. The crazies are winning by a lot. I'm talking about dribbling out the clock with a 22 point lead, winning. I know at least 5 men who are in relationships with crazy women. They've convinced themselves that the crazy they're putting up with is the same kind of crazy they'd get in any relationship. That's just not true. There are varying degrees of crazy, and the chicks who are mildly to extremely crazy stay booed up. Some of us have been going about this the wrong way. We're way too damn reasonable and the men are not really responding to that. They seem to want the chick who will flip the hell out on them in front of their friends and family, swing on them when she's upset, go out alone as much as she wants, but won't let him leave the house without her, check his email, text messages, Facebook messages and etc. All of this translates to love, I guess. I've never been able to play the role of the jealous, completely unreasonable chick, but it looks like I need to incorporate that into my personality.
I'm going to be a stone cold fool the next time I start dating someone. That shit leads to marriage! I'm going to embarrass the hell out of the next man I date in front of his Momma. That'll only make us closer. If that opportunity doesn't present itself early on, I've got to at least make him think I'm capable of doing so.
It's a new year, so it's time to try something different. Turn up the crazy!


  1. Being crazy is only a trend. it will be over soon. trust me

  2. It's not even a trend. People been crazy forever - the problem is with social media and all this exposure (texting, etc) - you just KNOW who is crazy more often. Here's the one thing I can say - most crazy people do have a fun side. It's not just crazy with no upside. They usually can break you off something proper in a bedroom. Those things matter. As for being just regular and chill - I know a lot of those chicks and they are cool and regular, but they are also boring. Just don't be boring - men don't want crazy, they want fun for the rest of your life cool. Lots of single chicks forget that part.

    I've had two ladies who I know like me and are absolutely amazing in every way except...talking them is like making paint dry. I'll deal with the crazy chick and try to make her uncrazy before I try to make a boring chick interesting.

    1. I hear ya. I'm not boring, I guess I'm somewhere in between boring and crazy. It seems I need to cross the line though. I'm talking about being the kind of crazy that makes him put a pic of just me up on his Facebook profile pic just to show me he's not doing anything sneaky. and good sex makes you keep someone around for good sex, it doesn't make you marry them. I'm telling you, the crazies are winning and I'm about to become one of them. lol