Monday, November 1, 2010

Doing Me, Day 20: Know When To Fold Em.

If I tell you I'm going to come slap the hell out of you, it will only trigger a minor emotional response because you don't know if I'm serious.  If I walk up and slap the hell out of you, it will definitely trigger a huge emotional response because I actually did it.
I bring that up to say, it's time that we start believing what people show us instead of what they tell us, especially if those two actions don't match.  Why do we constantly talk ourselves out of believing what we know is true??  Are we so starved for a "happy ending" that we're willing to swallow gigantic amounts of bullshit in an effort to make it happen? Why do we talk our home girls into believing the bullshit he's feeding them?  Why do we let our home girls talk us into believing the bullshit he's feeding us?  Why can't we just accept what he's showing us?  We waste so much time on men who are unworthy and it's so unnecessary.  We pray and ask God for signs, and when we get those signs we completely ignore them. Or, we interpret them in a way that fits what we want to believe. God all but comes and sits down beside us and tells us what to do, yet we still do the opposite.  Then we sit on the bed crying and wondering why. Deep down we know why.  It's because we ignored the red flags, and more importantly when the guy showed us who he really was we didn't believe him.  We have no one to blame but ourselves.  We have to break this cycle.

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