Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doing Me, Days 10 and 11: Partying

So, I didn't blog yesterday and I came dangerously close to not blogging tonight. I could blame it on staying out late partying with my friends, which I actually did, but I honestly just didn't feel like it when I finally got home.  I didn't rush right to sleep or anything so there's really no excuse.  Anyway, I'm back now so I'll just kill two birds with one stone.

Day 9 was a really nice day.  I went to an art exhibit with my friend and her boyfriend (who also happens to be my brother) and then we went to this little bar to see Ruby Velle perform.  She's awesome by the way.  The bar scene had disaster potential. At first it was just me and them, but as the night progressed more an more couples showed up, four in all.  So there I sat and stood in between 4 different couples.  What a nightmare! Nah, it wasn't that bad, but I would rather have not been in that situation to be quite honest.  It turned out okay though.  I had a great time and I saw another side of this city I live in.

Day 10 was full of fun and excitement! I actually went and hung out a few places by myself. After a couple of stops I found myself at this restaurant/bar/cigar lounge. I wanted to go some place to watch the Auburn/LSU game. (Cam Newton is a monster in case you didn't know)  I was sitting at my table alone watching the game and in walks former NBA player Charles Oakley. At first I wasn't completely sure it was him, but seriously, what are the odds of there being two abnormally tall men who look like Oak?  Anyway, He said hi, I said hi and he walked back into the cigar lounge.  About an hour later he walked out and he walks towards me and says "You're still alone? Where's your date? I know you didn't get stood up. I laughed and said "nooooooo I didn't get stood up, I'm alone by choice, haha" He said okay and he left.  That whole little exchange was hilarious to me and it made my day.  Afterward, I went home and got dressed for a night on the town with my girls.  We danced all night and now my feet are killing me! The next time we go out dancing I'm wearing Chuck's and jeans.  I don't care where we go.  We had a really good time and there was some eye candy in the place. What more could a gal ask for?

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